Rani Jarkas – Why real estate is an evergreen investment enhancement asset and understanding its significance in relation with Greater China region?

In the investment arena, we strongly believe in the “old is gold” policy, by which we mean real estate; which offers strong security and slow but steady growth for ages. Let us discuss some of the key benefits this sector never fails to offer.

Real estate can bring you the positive cash flow. When you have wisely chosen the location of your real estate, that investment is bound to bring consistent positive cash flow in terms of rent from the tenant.

Real estate is the only sector that has seen growth exclusively in past years. Steady rise is the key point to believe in this sort of investment which makes it less risky and trustworthy.

Inflation is not problematic for real estate investments, however profitable in different ways. When there is sudden inflation, your property will certainly bring you more cash flow through rents and maintenance.

A steady rise in real estate value through decades is becoming safer and secured with its trustworthy linear direction. This makes real estate sector investments evergreen when it comes to a long time investing.

In China, real estate is a key sector of its Chinese economy. Since the housing reform of 1998, which ended the free distribution of housing by employers and established a housing finance system, the market experienced a long-lasting era of prosperity.

For most people living in China, housing is not seen as a commodity, but as an ever-appreciating asset for investment. People commit a considerable part of their savings and take out mortgages with high-interest rates for property purchases. For the government, the real estate market is equally important, as housing is not only a vital part of the national economy, but also an essential source of government income.

Cedrus Investments, founded by Rani Jarkas and based in Hong Kong, has the ability to act quickly to changing market dynamics to capture unique investment opportunities and the flexibility to innovate on behalf of its clients. Mr. Rani Jarkas offers you a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio positioning today, so you know how to be positioned tomorrow.

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